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Lancaster Drive Public School
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As May arrives, students and staff begin to look ahead at the valuable time remaining in the school year, as well as the many upcoming events to look forward to. We reflect on our learning journey and set goals to continue student growth and prepare students to transition to the next grade, a new division, or on to high school. We have many things to celebrate as a school and a community with a very full calendar ahead. We have had thriving junior basketball seasons with multiple teams participating in weekend tournaments under the leadership of Mr. Vreeken and the support of Mrs. Hamilton. Lancaster had wonderful team results at the recent Bayridge Road Race and runners persevered through rain and mud to meet personal goals at the second run at LCVIUltimate Frisbee teams have been preparing for the season with indoor practices at the 1000 Islands Sports Complex. Primary students have thoroughly enjoyed lunchtime yoga sessions with Ms. Dudley. We have also showcased and supported student leadership with some of our primary and intermediate students generating student interest clubs and activities with a reading club, volleyball sessions, junior ultimate frisbee, and student tutoring sessions.

Our staff continue to bring new learning and experiences into the instructional day. We have had our Community Safety Officer, Constable Valerie Hurding, in to speak to students from grades 3-8 this term to build student awareness and confidence in the areas of on-line safety and bully awareness and prevention strategies. Our kindergarten classes have been celebrating the beginning stages of their new outdoor garden, planning and talking together about the planting of new seeds. We have also welcomed Lego Robotics sessions into three of our junior classrooms as they worked with coding programs to make their Jade Robots do some drawing and maze navigating! Congratulations to students Andrew K., Evan B., Charlotte W., and Anahita S. who had their artwork chosen for the Hotel Dieu Student Art Gallery. Our very own Andrew K. has been selected to perform at the upcoming Canadian Crystal in the fall and Katie P. has also taken the stage with a role in the Grand Theatre's production of "James and the Giant Peach". Our school talent show "Lancaster's Got Talent" was just one of the ways that we continue to celebrate student achievement in all areas of school life. Seeing our students grow and take healthy leaps to explore their limits in a supportive environment makes our hearts sing!


Creating class lists is a shared task by the team of educators that spend a significant amount of time getting to know your child, discovering their academic, social and emotional needs in the educational setting both in and out of the classroom. Each year we want to build the best learning environments for all learners. The team considers a wide range of factors including overall number of students in each grade (if a split grade), student learning styles and personalities, number of boys and girls, academic strengths and needs, peer relationships, learning skills and work habits, and social/ emotional strengths and needs. All classrooms, whether single grade or combined grade, include students performing at a wide range of achievement levels. We meet the needs in that wide range through differentiated instruction, a focus on developing critical thinking skills, and modifications and accommodations for various learning needs. In every case, Lancaster staff work to put a lot of thinking into creating responsive classroom learning environments that will support the success of all students. Through conversations with staff, parents may offer input around their child's strengths and needs if there is information that may be helpful when considering the best placement for your child.


Longer days, milder temperatures, and a healthy dose of mud spell some brighter smiles and renewed energy. All signs that Spring has arrived and we welcome it wholeheartedly! With only three more months left in the school year we continue to see much growth in our students. We celebrate with you the big and small gains your children are experiencing as they increasingly gain confidence in their learning, and demonstrate their understanding and skills in a wide variety of ways. They are working hard to grow their brains, open up awareness to the world around them and to their own unique strengths. Is amazing to watch and be a part of.

The strength of our school community had a true chance to shine as we shared a very special evening together with Family Formal night. Our parent council did an outstanding job with all of their organization and planning to make it such a success. The support of our staff in volunteering, coordinating student artwork for the evening, and offering special experiences for the silent auction gives a true sense of the partnership that we celebrate.

Spring also provides numerous extra-curricular opportunities for students with junior basketball, chess club, marathon club and road racing. A huge thanks to the Lancaster coaches who volunteer their time to support student athletics and clubs. Our student leadership opportunities continues with our environment club, lunch buddies, student tutors, tech crew, and media club. We look forward to our upcoming spring talent Show to be organized by our very own Student Council team.

Please be sure to check our upcoming events carefully as there are many learning opportunities for parents this spring. Updates and information are often sent out via Twitter and Remind so if you haven't joined yet this is a great way to ensure you don't miss these events throughout the Limestone DSB community. Messages from experts in the areas of bullying prevention, on-line safety, concussion safety, opiod awareness, and how to support your child's learning needs in the school system. All great learning for your parenting toolkit. See our April newsletter on Smore with this link:

Thank you as always for your support of Lancaster Public School. We are very proud of our students, staff, families and the community!

Please join us to celebrate Lancaster's 25th Anniversary at our Walk Down Memory Lane Picnic and Open House on May 20th!

Your administrative team,

Sara Wellwood, Vice Principal and Lani Fox, Principal


Message from Your Adminstrative Team - March 2017

We are pleased to offer students at Lancaster ongoing opportunities for enrichment, meaningful learning, connections across the curriculum, and exposure to new experiences.

On Thursday March 2nd Lancaster was “Art Attacked”!! Across the school and throughout the entire day Lancaster staff and students dedicated time to learning, exploring and engaging in art. We began the day with a memorable kick-off assembly with guest artists Donna Jackson and Donna Banting and then classes set off to work on some amazing art projects. We welcomed artists from the community, as well as Queen’s Fine Arts and Education Students to help lead some classes in their work for the day. We were thankful for support from a great team of parents who helped in classrooms to make the day run smoothly. Many thanks to our parent council for helping to purchase and gather some of our art supplies for the day. By the end of “Art Attack”, every student will have produced his or her very own work of art that will be displayed at our upcoming Family Formal night on March 23rd. On that evening we will have art, live instrumental music, a family DJ dance, and fine food prepared by the Bayridge SS culinary program. Our parent council is busy planning and organizing details and tickets are still available through your child’s classroom teacher or at the front office.

With Canada 150 on our mind, students in grades 4-8 were brought on a journey into Canada’s far north as we welcomed John Dunn, an Arctic explorer, to share stories and pictures of his breathtaking expeditions. Through his images and narrative, we were able to catch a glimpse of the amazing landscape that he has uncovered as well as capture a sense of the adventure, the challenges and the survival of an explorer. Connections were made to passion, hard work and the simple beauty of our country. For more on John Dunn and open conversation with your child visit

Gary Raspberry, a well-known musician, will be joining primary classes to enagage in song-writing and performing from March 6-10. The theme “Write off the Page” focuses on using music to bring a book to life. This unique experience of being involved in creating and producing music is a unique one and we are eager to hear some of the final products!

Intermediate students welcomed the Queen's "Get Real" group into their classrooms this month. Our students enjoyed the positive leadership of enthusiastic facilitators who ran workshops aimed to educate students on changing homophobic attitudes, unlearning homophobic language, and creating a safe space for all. Lancaster students embraced the opportunity to have honest conversations about challenges that peers could be facing and decided to take a positive stance towards creating an inclusive school for everyone.

On March 7th award winning author and storyteller Rukhsana Khan is coming to share her story "Big Red Lollipop" with our primary students. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Rukhsana’s stories have universal themes about being new to Canada, about fitting in at any cost, being an ‘outsider’, dealing with sibling rivalry, having to overcome racism and other forms of exclusion and social cruelty aka ‘bullying’. She also writes sensitively about the plight of refugee children and their challenges and struggles for resiliency in times of war and fear. See more on her website.

While the school is bustling with events, our Basketball teams have found their own hustle and bustle on the court. Both our girls and boys basketball teams worked very hard this year to develop their skills and come together as unified forces on the court. The seasons have wrapped up but the memories remain and we are certain to see some talents continue out on the court this spring.

This fall and winter, we have been working with Mother Teresa Catholic School, board-level Facility Services staff from LDSB and ALCDSB and a third party traffic consultant to look at the traffic and parking situation at the two school sites. We are looking at ways to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve student safety particularly at drop-off and pick-up times. We look forward to working with families and our school communities as we work towards positive solutions together.

Kindergarten registration – Kindergarten registration is open for children who will be 4 by December 31, 2007. Please share out in the community to register soon as this helps give us accurate numbers to work with in the fall as we create classes.

For more pictures of these events, or to get updates on school happenings, follow us on Twitter @LancasterPS_LDSB or on the Remind app using the class code: @lancasterd

Have a wonderful March Break filled with family time and new and familiar adventures!

Your administrative team,

Lani Fox, Principal & Sara Wellwood, Vice-Principal

Lowering flags to half-mast in support of tragedy in Quebec, City

Lancaster Drive Public School school is deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred at a Quebec City mosque on January 29, 2017. Our thoughts are with all those affected, and the first responders who worked diligently to keep everyone safe.

As an expression of support and solidarity with the community in Quebec City, all schools of the Limestone District School Board will lower its flag to half-mast as that community mourns for those lost in this tragic events.

Although events like this are rare, we cannot downplay the impact they have on our students, families and staff. Our reactions to unexpected and troubling situations can shape how children and youth experience these events, and can influence their perceptions of safety. Please know that the safety and security of our students and staff is always our first priority. If at any time, we are advised by authorities that any action is required, we will move swiftly as directed.

We know that an unimaginable event like this affects all of us. If you feel your child needs to speak to someone, please contact Educational Services Support Staff  at our school.


Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year at Lancaster Drive Public School. Staff are excited to begin another school year and continue to share learning experiences with our students, developing strong character and integrity as we learn and grow together. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child as we provide numerous opportunities within and beyond the classroom in the Arts, Academics, Athletics, Character Education and Leadership.

As a staff we like to highlight the fact that success requires effort. We are continuing with our education about the Growth Mindset and that failure does not define us, it is an experience that we learn from. We strive to foster critical thinking in our students through inquiry-based learning and the use of technology as pathways to deep thinking and building our network of learning with others.

Our October Newsletter, a partnership with Parent Council, is posted here under Newsletters. We will be transitioning to an online version over the next month or two. Please see our first online newsletter with this link,


Mrs. L. Fox                                   

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