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Agenda Book
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We are pleased to offer this Student Planner/School Handbook to each of our students from Grades 1 - 8. We are asking for donations of $6.50 for each planner to help offset the cost to the school.

    For optimum use students  should carry this planner each day.  Please record homework, assignments and other important messages from our school (such as newsletters, notes from teacher etc.)  Individual teachers will have specific suggestions for effective use of this planner such as encouraging parents to initial pages on a daily or weekly basis.  We expect students who use these planners effectively will be helped to manage their  time, plan their days and keep their parents and guardians informed of their activities.
        Our school handbook for students and parents is printed on the next few pages of the planner, including our new Code of Behaviour which is based on current legislation.   It has been prepared so that you may become familiar with our school policies, procedures and services. It  is important to read these pages carefully and reflect on our school expectations.
        Along with the use of organizational tools, such as an agenda, goal setting  is also encouraged.  Goal setting helps establish direction in life.  Besides adding enjoyment to life, goal-setting allows a student to measure their performance and enable them to make adjustments when they get off track.  Goals help to develop the self-discipline and values that will help motivate and guide learners to be successful.
        Long-term Goals are like the dream that one  hopes  will come true.  Accomplishing daily and short-term goals can often make dreams into reality.
        Short-term Goals help ensure that the steps  taken each day in life are going to lead in the right direction.
        We encourage all our students to become lifelong learners and take responsibility  for their own learning.  When this book is used consistently, it will help students become organized effective learners.

Last Modified: Sep 09, 2014
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