About Us

Welcome to Lancaster Drive Public School where we nurture the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of all children through the leadership and guidance of a knowledgeable and caring staff. We encourage the development of environmentally conscious students with an understanding of community and global issues.

We are a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located in the west end of Kingston. Our school features a large welcoming front foyer, an adjacent all-purpose room (we call it The Great Hall), a large gymnasium and library resource centre, and a computerized underground heating and cooling system. The site itself includes three portable classrooms at the rear of the building. We are pleased to have Frontenac County Child Care as part of the school structure. The school yard extends into parkland for additional playground use.

Our pupils have the opportunity to participate in challenging academic programs and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to pursue individual academic excellence and work together as collaborative critical thinkers. At present, we offer many student leadership opportunities, instrumental music program, chess club, media and tech club, and a very active intramural and extramural athletic program.

Our student body adopted as its mascot "the lion or lioness." This animal was chosen as a symbol to encourage inquisitiveness, courage in the face of adversity, outstanding interest, caring, a physically-fit body and a vital life style of substance and importance. Our school motto is "Nurturing the Development of all Children."

The staff and members of the parent community are talented individuals willing to share their time and interests in working with students in a variety of school settings. We highly value the involvement and expertise a shared partnership brings in helping all children meet the challenges in education with optimism and success.

We highly value the commitment of our staff, students and parents to make Lancaster a wonderful school community.