Traffic Project - Essential Information

Traffic Project - Essential Information
Graphic of Construction Sign

Dear Lancaster Families,

We are excited to welcome you back for a new school year!

Here is our very important update about our construction project along with an attached diagram of how our traffic flow, parking and arrivals and departures will look like in the future.  We have also attached a table that summarizes our arrival and departure procedures.  We ask that you take time to review this information carefully prior to the first day of school.

We are working closely with the contractor, Board staff and our friends next door at Mother Teresa Catholic School to ensure the safety of student and staff during the final stages of this work. There will be some changes in routine until this work is completed.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The areas at the main entrance of the school will be a gravel surface. Paving is scheduled to take place over the next week. This work will be done during the school day but outside of school drop off and pick up times.  The front driveway will be out of bounds during the day as the workers need to continue their work. 


  • A fenced pedestrian path (between the Mother Teresa and Lancaster parking lots) is to be used for walkers and those exiting to take school buses. Students may also use the walkway on the east side of the school by the kindergarten yard and there will be school staff visible to allow parents to drop off younger students and have them walk to the rear of the school (Look for the grey arrows on the diagram attached.). There will be school staff available as well as signage to help with pedestrian and traffic flow.


  • School bus drop off and pick up locations are now at the front of the schools in the new bus zones on the side of the road.  Please do not park or stop in bus loading zones.  Supervision at bus drop off and pick up will be in place and ongoing.


  • Families are asked not to drive students to school to ease traffic congestion in the area. Walkers are asked to walk and students who are regularly bused are asked to take the bus. If you would like to accompany your child to school, especially for the first day, you will need to park on nearby side streets and walk to the school.  The north side of Lancaster Drive is not a parking lane for cars to stop or park.  There will be pylons in place while the construction project continues.  When completed, there will be raised curbs that will prevent vehicles from pulling in to stop/park.  Research studies show that there is a high incidence of serious injury when children leave vehicles and cross roads. 


  • There is no longer short-term parking in the driveway at the front of Lancaster except for during the school day when picking up or dropping off a child for an appointment. Parents may “kiss and ride” on Lancaster Drive but will not be permitted to park and leave their vehicle at the front of the school or on Lancaster Drive. If you are visiting to the school for a longer period to attend a meeting or go on a field trip short-term parking will in the rear parking lot once the paving work is complete.


  • Parents are asked to NOT access the staff parking lot for the purpose of picking up or dropping off children, this poses a significant safety risk to staff and students.  Our staff team will be monitoring this to ensure that our parents and Mother Teresa parents are not accessing that lot (students and staff are still using that space at that time of day).


  • While the construction project is being completed, if families need to pick up their children during the school day for appointments, etc. they are asked to confer with the construction staff on-site for directions for the most appropriate entry point. This will change hourly, especially when paving begins.


  • On the first day of school all students should meet on the back playground area and look for the balloon that indicates their grade. Staff will be there with lists to greet them and ensure they are in the appropriate line up.


This construction project puts student safety first and may require some small changes to your morning routines. We look forward to its completion and thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during the final steps.  We would recommend if you are walking to school or driving to a nearby street that you allow extra time.


We thank you in again for your attention and patience!  We will continue to send updates regularly to keep you informed of progress, changes and other important information.




Lancaster Drive Public School

Traffic Map - Lancaster Drive PS.pdf 

Lancaster Arrival and Departure Procedures.docx