Our Staff

Lancaster staff use a variety of methods to communicate with families. This ranges from communication bags/folders, student agendas, Google classroom, classsroom blogs and the school messenger app. Some classes also make use of approved social media sites (i.e. Twitter) to share classroom learning and student successes. These methods and routines are shared at the beginning of the school year by the classroom teacher. 

Support Staff
Head Custodian Mr. K. Foster 
Evening Custodian Ms. D. Douglas
Office Administrator Ms. L. Davies 
Office Administrator Mrs. P. Asselstine
Educational Assistant Ms. L. Cattermole
Educational Assistant               Ms. S. Kim
Educational Assistant Ms. J. Sask
Educational Assistant Mr. G. Hamilton
Educational Assistant               Mr. C. Coughtry
Educational Assistant Ms. B. Lowe

Early Childhood Educator Ms. P. Andrews
Early Childhood Educator Ms. M. Hewitt
Student Support Counsellor Ms. V. Cadue

Teaching Staff
Ms. J. McCullough
Ms. K. Heagle-McQuillan
Mrs. L. Powers
Mrs. L. Dowker

Ms. M. McDougall
Mrs. A. Bartlett

Ms. M. Sidlauskas
Ms. K. Boriotis

Ms. M-A. Jarbeau
Ms. C. Tidman
Ms. L. Dowdell
Ms. J. Hamilton
Ms. C. Greenlees
Mr. E. Vreeken
Ms. C. Dudley
Ms. D. Smith
Mrs. H. Wright

Mme. L. Walsh
Mme. K. Take

Ms. S. O'Hearn
Ms. J. Knowles